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Our services

Faced with such a changing environment, business leaders need the best perspective to make the strategic decisions that will set the course of the organization. External collaborators such as Canvi Consulting have a broader and more objective vision of the market, which becomes a differentiating factor for the development of the business. 

Our services are aimed at manufacturers and distributors of premium beverages and gourmet packaged food, and include:

– Both the development of specific projects, as well as the continuous advice to the Board of Directors and Management of the company.

– Advising the company’s management on all aspects related to the business plan: from strategic planning to economic-financial and organizational planning to carry out the established mission and achieve the goals.  Delving into the Commercial Plan, which must generate the resources for the sustainability of the business/project.

Follow-up with the Management and the affected departments to ensure the execution of the agreed changes, and the achievement of the defined objectives.

In summary, Canvi Consulting seeks to be a reference partner for manufacturers and distributors, in the areas of analysis and strategic planning, change management and commercial planning.