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Mission & values

Canvi Consulting’s mission is to add value to its clients with the advisory and support services it offers them, so that they can boost their business profitably.

Canvi Consulting will provide these services in an efficient way, so that the goals and scope of the service established by contract are met with the minimum possible consumption of resources, obtaining in exchange a fair remuneration for said service, reflected in the contract. Our work will be guided by the principles of honesty, transparency, confidentiality, independence, and training. We will not assume services for which we do not have the necessary resources to meet the objectives.

Our values are identified with the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Through the services we offer our clients, we aim to generate a positive impact on society and the environment that goes beyond regulatory compliance, and we promote the adoption of these values in our clients to build strong and well-positioned organizations.