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Strategy consulting

The business environment is constantly changing. Some changes are rapid and noticeable, others slower or imperceptible, but all can be deep and important. 

Some changes offer an opportunity to grow and develop our business if we are agile; others pose a significant risk to operations and even threaten the future of our activities.

Companies need to identify which ones have or will have a relevant impact on their business and adapt.

Starting from a clear vision of what the company aspires to be, the strategic analysis will lead us to the transformative actions that the business requires for a successful adaptation.

Without digital transformation, there is no competitiveness

Ignasi Sebastià, collaborator of Canvi Consulting

Graduate and Computer Engineer, professor at the Open University of Catalonia. He has participated in several national and international projects in the ICT sector.

In Food and Beverage market, to which we focus our services, aspects such as greater sensitivity to the environment, the demand for healthier products with better information, digital transformation, etc., force us to rethink processes and organization to provide a satisfactory response to consumers and differentiate ourselves. Count on us to face your organization’s challenges, no matter how diverse they may be:

Contact us and together we will identify those areas where we can help you more.

Toni Farrés
Founding partner of Canvi Consulting

BBA & MBA (ESADE, Barcelona). After 2 years in consultancy, he joined the largest Spanish wine company, (1991-2020), of which in 2010 was appointed Commercial Director. From 2020 to 2023 he has been General Manager of a spanish producer & distributor of wines and spirits with nearly 30 million euros of turnover.